Keeping your Bengal Cat active both physically and mentally is essential for a happy content cat. Bengals are very intelligent creatures and love to kept entertained. Here are some ideas to keep your Bengal Cat busy during the Christmas/Winter months.

1.Bengal Cat Interactive Games

There are interactive games for cats even ‘Apps’ for phones and tablets that cats can play. Surprisingly, there are quite a few Cat games available for the mobile devices, one that stands out is a game called Pocket Pond which comes with pretty decent reviews (its a game for humans but be warned it can be quite addictive!). The game is from a birds eye view with quite realistic koi fish and water ripples. You’re able to tweak the visual background settings to make it easier for your cat. Best yet is its a Free app though there are in app purchases. One thing to remember, get a decent cover for your iPad or Phone to avoid any damage from strong excited Bengals.

Another interactive toy worth investigating is called ‘Cat’s Meow‘ its a revolving motorised mouse tail that is partially hidden under a circle of fabric. Push the button and watch your Bengal be entertained having fun and rolling around.

2. Cat Nip toys

Cat Nip toys are a great play treat for your Bengal. Try to choose toys that have a more of a robust texture to them, something that will last as bengals like to chew and throw cat nip toys about. Its worth getting a few and keeping them in a container in a cupboard or somewhere out of paws reach as once the initial scent wears off they tend to loose interest and move on to something else. They will come back to it usually when the forget about it and find it by rummaging around then will have a frantic 10 min play.

3. Stringy toys

No matter how simple, string can be one of the most entertaining things to a Bengal. Make sure you get a decent quality string that will last longer than 2 mins play time. Also be careful not to tug the string too hard as you don’t want any damaged fangs. Tying a piece of string to a stick is a good way to avoid your hands getting clawed plus if you sit on a sofa it kind of feels like you’re ‘Cat Fishing’. I’ve spent many nights annoying my girlfriend with lines from the film Jaws…”She’s a smart cat, she’s gone under the sofa”.

4. Toys that aren’t …Toys

By now you’ve probably realised that Bengals are not your average Cat. They are alot more curious and will find discover new things that make them happy and bring out natural instinct where-ever they are. For instance, one of our Bengals will bring me the plug to the bath and place it next to my side of the bed. Its not at all a toy in any way shape or form but to him its a satisfying past time fishing it out of the plug hole and carrying it around. This is particularly helpful when I’m trying to bath my 3 month baby boy (lets just say after a nappy incident) and the plug has been hidden under a super-king size bed…in the middle.

Pens and pencils are another favourite none toy thing. They’re perfect for throwing and playing fetch with and do not cost much. Just be careful with any chewing – they will undoubtedly after playing fetch settle down for a chew so keep an eye on them. An idea is to buy a set of kids colouring pencils that are non toxic, and cut the end off them, after playing fetch put the pencil back in the box.

You will find that you can never have enough toys to keep a Bengal Cat occupied. They do tend to get bored quite quickly so you don’t need spend loads of money on fancy toys, just things that will cater to their natural instinct and fulfil them. Usually, its most unlikely things that are the most fun!

Does your Cat have any interesting toys?

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