Gifts for Cat Lovers

Gifts for Cat Lovers

Choosing gifts for cat lovers can be a tricky thing. Have you ever been in a situation where you’ve really insulted a friend or family member by referring to them as a crazy cat person? well, the chances are that if you have you probably were not aware that you had upset them with what is a common term. So when choosing gifts for cat lovers its a good idea to think about what the gift will mean to them.

The type of Cat Owner

For many people owning cat is as simple as letting the cat in or out and petting food and water down for whenever the cat chooses to grace them with their presence. However for owners of pedigree cats such as a Bengal Cat it is much more of a lifestyle choice. Pedigree cats will be house cats that will go out on a lead, be groomed and often pampered by their owner or so than the average house hold cat. The relationship between owner and Bengal Cat can be very similar to that of a dog and its owner. A relationship of companionship.

So before you start finding random gifts for cat lovers, ask yourself these questions:

What is the relationship between the person and the Cat?

Does their cat mean more to them than the average cat owner? If this is the case then you know that choosing gifts for cat lovers that mean something rather than poking fun at them or something that could be taken the wrong way.

Do they wear Cat themed things?

If the answer is yes then the individual has a playful side to them that is proud to be seen as a cat lover so you will be pretty safe getting a novel item for them.

Choosing the right Gifts for Cat Lovers

Choosing to own a Bengal Cat as a pet can sometimes be as result of a devastating incident that has happened in someone’s life. In some cases this is very serious like when individuals are unable to have children for instance and look for comfort in their lives, something to fill the void. It is on occasions like this that treating an individual as being a ‘crazy cat person’ can be taken in an offensive way with the individual feeling inadequate or a failure. Its just worth knowing that and being thoughtful when choosing any gifts for cat lovers.

So, you’ve now got a good idea of the type of individual that you will be buying a gift for you come to the decision of getting a gift type. below are some suggestions:

Cat Gift Box

Filling a gift box or bag with a selection of cat treats and a few small toys is a one of the most effective gifts for cat lovers that you can give. Its a gift that does not break the bank in terms of expense allowing you to choose how much you would like to pay. Its also something that will keep a cat entertained for hours (plus the owner) and sure to bring a smile to the face.

Some items to consider for the cat gift box are; Cat-nip toys, balls of string, bags of yum yums, KONG Kickeroos, Skinneeez Mice.

There are pre packaged Cat gift boxes available from companies such as Cat Hampurr  that can be given as a one off gift or over a 3 month subscription. In some cases you may get to tailor the contents of the box to suit the type of cat though these will cost more than making your own it offers a solution for those of you without the luxury of time.

Cat collar

Getting collars as gifts for cat lovers is a difficult one. Whilst the token is welcomed and there certainly are some beautiful Cat collars available some Bengal cat owners do not use collars for safety reasons. By nature cats are creatures that leap and like to adventure and investigate spaces and there is always the danger of becoming caught or entangled with a collar. And as Bengal Cats are perhaps more energetic than that of the average cat it increases the risk.

Cat Books

Cat books are always prefect gifts for cat lovers and always welcomed. From coffee table type picture books through to medical anatomy books there is always something to be discovered flickering through a book.

Puzzle toys

Bengal cats are wonderfully intelligent creatures and as such enjoy being kept entertained with curious games.

Cat jewellery

The key for a item of jewellery is getting a piece that is simple and elegant and stay away from anything too tacky as it could be taken the wrong way though the good intention is genuine.

A purrrfect gift

As you can see choosing gifts for cat lovers can be quite a straight forward process once you have an understanding what kind of Cat owner they are. Doing this will put you in good stead with getting a gift suitable for the individual be it simple cat gift bags, books through to cat themed jewellery.

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