Its quite startling to learn that In a recent report it claimed that as a nation here in the UK couples without children will often spend more on their pets than they do on each other. Could you really see yourself not buying a gift for your partner at Christmas? personally Im not sure i’d get away with it however I had a think about it and did some research to find what would be good Christmas Presents for Cats. Here’s some Ideas…

1.Cat Tree

A good Cat tree is an essential for a Bengal Cat. They love to climb and hang off things, its in their nature and DNA. But what is a good tree to get? well you can pick up Cat Trees from most good pet shops, however you will want to get one that will be durable and stand up to a possible 2 stone cat throwing itself at it 30 times a day…not to mention finding a perfect spot in the cat tree for a snooze. The size of the cat tree you can get may well be determined by the size of space in your house but you really want something that is tall as they love to be up high on the same eye level as you or higher. UK based make some very durable tasteful floor to ceiling cat trees…well more like cat poles which let your cat really throw themselves at and run up.

2.Cat Collar

Getting jewellery at Christmas time is always welcomed, so what can better than making your Bengal look like a million dollars with a sparkly bejewelled collar. Now I know what your thinking “If I get my Bengal cat a diamond collar, will I get mistaken for Kenya West or that that women with the big arse he’s with?” the answer is Yes you will but don’t let that stop you spoiling your cat. Cheshire & Wain make some beautiful luxury leather cat collars like these here

3.Cats Christmas stocking

On Christmas day give your Bengal a treat to wake up to with a ‘cats christmas stocking’. They come in various sizes offering some wonderful treats and perfect for a Christmas morning unwrapping.

4.Luxury High-End Double Pet House

Bengal Cats love to find a secret warm spot where they can have a decent snooze and not be bothered. The Luxury High-End Double Pet House is a great alternative to a normal cat basket as it offers more privacy and warmth. I believe this is actually designed for small dogs though works quite well for big cats also. Best thing is that it can be taken to pieces and put in the washing machine – this is great news if like mine your cat tends to bring things from around the house and put it in their basket (mostly the girlfriends expensive makeup pencils).

5.Catit Design Senses Super Roller Circuit

This is a great toy that keeps an inquisitive Bengal entertained. An Illuminated ball lights up when it rolls through an enclosed roller-coaster style track. There are gaps in between each piece of track allowing your Bengal to get their paws in to try and catch the ball. It satisfies the instinct to hunt and catch, and whats really good about the Roller Circuit is that the design lets you add more track making it bigger and changing the shape so that your bengal cat stay entertained.

If you both decide that you need to save money this Christmas and opt out of getting lavish presents for each you can still get a warm fuzzy feeling by getting some Christmas Presents for Cats.

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