For many Bengal Cat owners finding just the right correct fitting Cat harness will be an essential. As most Bengals are kept indoors going outside for an adventure is a real treat so you’ll want your little one to be able to move freely without being restricted so they feel not only safe but comfortable.

Types of Cat Harness

There are generally two types of Cat harness available in the market today. The first also referred to as a ‘figure 8’ slips over your cats head and secures underneath the cats front a back legs. These harnesses are fairly inexpensive to buy and are made out of nylon with simple clip together fasteners.

nylon adjustable cat harness

nylon adjustable cat harness

The second type of harness is referred to as a jacket, coat or a vest. These are much more snug fitting and offer more security distributing even pressure over the body of your cat rather than creating pressure points that can occur in the figure 8 cat harness. Jackets come in a whole host of different fabrics and are creating using light weight materials, even high vizability materials for extra safety.

Adjustable Cat harness jacket

Adjustable Cat harness jacket

Choosing the right Cat Harness

Bengal Cats are masters of getting out of tight situations so getting a proper fitting harness is essential and as with many things, choosing the cheapest option can end up costing more in the long run with potential vet bills. Much like how we buy clothes if its possible its always a good idea to try on different types of Cat Harness on your Bengal. Of course this isnt always an option, but you can get a good fitting harness by going with one that is made to measure especially for your Cat.

Made to measure

The benefits of having a Cat Harness made to measure for your cat are: Security, Durability, Practicality, Design and Comfort. Because of the relative ease in producing a cat harness it means you can usually have it tailored to your cats requirements in a size, fabric etc. So its always good to make contact with a harness maker and get advice on any concerns you may have.

Training to use a cat harness

Its good to start your cat off wearing a harness from a young age. This will give your Bengal a chance to become familiar with the feeling of having a harness or jacket a give them time to settle and understand it. You can put the harness on your cat around the house without the lead attached so they can get used to it before venturing outside. This will give them confidence and reassurance.

Practice in the home

For most cats the idea of wearing a harness or jacket will be very unnatural to them so you need to remember that getting your bengal confident in a harness may not be an over night thing. Be prepared to be consistant and keep trying to make your cat feel safe. If they really fit having the harness on try to distract them with a treat or something that they can associate with the harness. Walk around the house, let them explore whilst wearing it (whilst monitoring them).

Be Safe exploring

Remember though Bengal cats though they may act like them they are not dogs, so be mindful of where you take your bengal cat. Their heritage is from the jungle and forestry areas so they will love to climb trees and explore as opposed to being out in a field. They like to stalk, hunt and act with instinct.

Where to buy a Cat harness?

One place that you can be sure will give you a beautiful handmade jacket is from Maria the owner of mynwoodcatjackets. Maria has been producing exceptional quality cat harness/jackets for customers all over the world for the past 7 years. A Bengal Cat owner herself, brings together and understanding of the breed with a interest in producing safe well designed that are all bespoke and perfectly tailored to your cats needs. Jackets are also machine washable. You can see some of the range here

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