Bengal Cats are wonderfully inquisitive creatures and will often go places or climb into things they should not like a washing machine, tumble dyer, shopping bags the list goes on. Whilst this is a fun aspect to their personalities its worth remembering that you still need to keep them safe. Here are some points to remember when it comes to keeping a Bengal Cat safe.

1. keeping a Bengal Cat safe…indoors

This may seem a cruel thing to do keeping your Bengal from going out exploring, but essentially its a matter of keeping your Bengal Cat safe. If you live on a farm in the middle of nowhere then letting your Bengal out will be much safer than if you live near a busy road but you still will have to be aware that they may not comeback. This is something I have personally had to go through and would not wish it on anyone. I would suggest that you keep your Bengal indoors and take it out for a walk on a harness.

2. Plants in the house

Bengal Cats love to chew things, especially grass and plants so its worth knowing that there are some plants that are poisonous to cats. I always would cut off the dust/seed from Lilies knowing that these get on fur and can be absorbed by a cat when cleaning themselves.  There are many more plants that are toxic for cats. A comprehensive list can be found here.

3. Plastic shopping bags

Avoid leaving plastic shopping bags around the house as these are a magnet for fun and also danger. They crinkle and make a noise that will appear so tempting and also a warm place to sleep. Its also worth mentioning to check where you cat is before leaving the house, its not uncommon for a Bengal Cats to fall asleep in bags and end up at work, or school!

4. Cleaning Products and Medicines

Be sure to keep all Medicines and cleaning products safely bottled up and out of harms way. Though Bengal Cats will stir clear of foul smelling things that are likely to be toxic to them they may pick up things that may get dropped or play with them. So be sure to keep medicines, pills and pill packets safe and out of harms way.

5. Insect stings

If you see a wasp or bee in your house do your best to get it out before your Bengal see it. In most cases you will only know there is one in the house as there will be lots of noise and crash as your Bengal frantically chases it with hopes of capturing it and chew it up. If you Bengal Cat gets stung they can have an allergic reaction and go into anaphylactic shock which will result in a trip to the Vet or worse.

Bengal Cats like most creatures will think of their survival and have an instinct for staying safe. But unfortunately accidents can happen so its worth being vigilant around the home and keeping the place safe for your Bengal Cat.

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