General care

Bengal cats are beautiful, adorable and have pelted coat which requires minimal grooming though brushing their coat weekly to ensure their fur is soft, shiny and healthy is wise. Bathing a Bengal cat isnt really necessary unless they have had an encounter with a skunk, they are clean animals and will often love playing in water. Plus, ensure you clip the front claws approximately to prevent damaging your clothing, furniture or if you have more than one cat each other. These cats need to exercise daily and if you wish your cat to remain healthy, it is good to have a number of cat toys inside the house, there are a variety of cat toys available on the market today compared to 5 years ago – however, Bengals love interactive toys. Below are are a few things to watch out for and ensure you keep a Bengal cat healthy.

Health hazards

In reality, Bengal cats come from Asian leopards with a beautiful and adorable appearance also possess a slight wild nature contrary to other conventional cats. They have a similar habit of leopards which is playing in water and acting in a manner similar to the Asian leopard, a Bengal cat is smart, sneaky and intelligent. One concern to be aware of is food poisoning. It can be a widespread problem among this Bengal cats with food that contains bacteria or fungus may result to food poisoning though this will really occur if your bengal is kept well nourished at home – in the wild they like to snuffle about and find interesting things to eat. This can lead a vulnerable immune system to human to diarrhoea, weakness and vomiting like symptoms and ultimately a trip to the Vets.

Fever and stomach upset are the two other symptoms that can affect Bengals. The outcome can be dangerous in cases whereby the food poisoning is extremely severe. It is important to consult a Vet as soon as possible on noticing the symptoms of the food poisoning. Monitoring your cat closely is essential after you discover food poisoning symptoms. Chocolate is also lethal to Bengal cats as a result of the accessibility of caffeine and obromine. There are minimal chances that an adult Bengal taste chocolate, however, a kitten might taste it in larger quantities because of its fresh taste.

After eating chocolate, Bengal cats may experience hyperactivity, weakness, vomiting and also seizure. Ignoring this for a while may even result to death of the cat. It has been discovered that increased cases of chocolate eating by pets is usually on the rise during holiday seasons. It is vital to write down the right name of the chocolate so as to enable a veterinarian to determine the level of contaminants. There are varying types of medicines available for cats. However, it is advisable to select a professional vet to acquire excellent treatment for your pet.

Bengal Cat Diet

Bengals possess sensitive digestive systems hence the importance of taking proper care of their food. Dry food is a good alternative for your cat; however, you can also select canned/pouched food since it is simple to feed. Dry and canned/pouched food is also easy for them to digest, however, ensure you consider the five initial ingredients. It should contain high amounts of proteins which is vital for Bengal cats. They require high quantities of water each day. You should always place a bowl full of water close to your cat. Check it often when it becomes empty. Ensure your Bengal stays hydrated at all times. A lot of Bengals prefer to drink water from a running tap so if you don’t see them drinking water try to gesture them to the sink and leave the tap running a dribble of water…do put it on full, but just enough so they can get a tongue under. Remember your Bengal isn’t like an every day ‘moggy’ they remember what it was like living in the jungle so will do things that are closer to a wild cat.

If you are out during the day and cannot routinely feed your your Bengal, it is a good idea to leave dry food inside a bowl before you leave, this can be called dip feeding. Bengal cats are very heavy eaters and therefore can become overweight by consuming more. You ought to examine a cat’s diet as they frequently become overweight by consuming more food. It is always advisable that you stick with a good or premium brand which is easily digestible. By doing this, your Bengal cat will remain active and also play comfortably.


Depending on if your Cat goes outside, fleas can be an issue and one of the reasons that you need to bath your Bengal Cat. You can also purchase a good quality flea comb available on the market which is pretty effective too. Plus, ensure you check for fleas inside your home first as poor hygiene might also attract such pesky and creepy creatures. However if your Bengal stays indoors the risks of flea infestation will be greatly reduced. Watch out for constant fur bitting and scratching which is an indication that fleas maybe present though do not be overly cautious as like humans Cats do get itches and like to have a good scratch. Watch out for flea bites and when it comes to cleaning your cat’s ears and eyes its best to take advice from your Vet .

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