Is your Bengal Cat at risk of bad health due to lack of exercise? If you are a Bengal cat owner you will know how they like to run around the house unlike any other cat. Cats that are kept indoors can become vulnerable to disease through the lack of exercise. Investing in a Cat tree could be the solution.

Bengal Cat health concerns

Bengal Cats are instinctively territorial animals and when confined to the house this territory is small. Keeping your Bengal cat active both physically and mentally can reduce stress, maintain health and prevent problems such as obesity which can result with major issues like heart disease, osteoarthritis and even diabetes.

Frantic Bengal behaviour

For some time I would watch as my Bengals go from frantic behaviour even scratching furniture excessively in an attempt to get rid of built up energy. I was puzzled by this behaviour and thought that it was purely a characteristic of the Bengal breed, that was until I realised there was something that I could do to help them.

It was by providing my Bengal with quality Cat tree giving them their own personal space will give you a happy more content Cat.

But why a Cat tree?

  • It offers them the opportunity to climb and fulfil a natural instinct.
  • Climbing exercises muscles in forelimbs and spine ensuring peak health
  • Climbing also helps claw maintenance by remove the outer claw husk allowing new growth.
  • It gives your Bengal their own territory, its theirs!
  • It offers different areas for napping and relaxation.
  • Gives them a place to scratch, stretch and have fun.

Get the right Cat tree

When choosing the right Cat tree for your Bengal Cat there are some things to consider.

  • Big trees – Get the biggest tree you can fit in your house. Cat trees are easy to transport as they screw together so transport should not be an issue.
  • High trees – Bengal cats love to be a the same level as you. This does not mean they think they’re equal to you, it just means they like being higher up.
  • Trees with levels – Get a Cat tree with different levels allowing your bengal to play and rest. While these may not be the most pleasing to the eye it offers more places to jump.
  • Trees with baskets and caves- These are good especially if you have a Bengal whose has a smaller body. It means they will have a place that they can curl up to sleep.

Once you get your Bengal a decent Cat tree you will find that you have not only a happier cat but a healthier. You may even find yourself searching round the house for your Bengal only to find them scoofed up in the Cat tree having a peacefull sleep.

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