Its worth remembering that when you buy a Bengal Cat you are defiantly not buying just an every day moggy, you are buying a unique potentially award winning specimen of a feline. Bengal cat prices will vary across the world and across the different breeds but essentially you will pay more for a Bengal Cat that is breed from reputable show winning heritage. You may pay less or get a reduction if you do not intent on breeding your prospective bengal Cat/kitten – this is a discussion that you should have with the breeder prior to purchase.  The general figures for buying a Bengal Cat (kitten) are:

  • In the UK – between £200 to £700
  • In the USA – between $700 – $1500

Cross Breed Bengal Cats

Now you need to be aware that though a breeder may advertise the kitten as a Bengal Cat it could be that only a percentage of the cat make up is actually Bengal and they are using it as a selling point to hook prospective buyers. This is a trait that is often done with what I would term ‘back street’ breeders that just want the sell for the most profit and do not have the animals welfare as a priority. A cat that is only a quarter Bengal Cat can still be a lovely companion but will probably not be a candidate to be shown. So make sure you  see the heritage line for any cat that you are interested in, and see siblings for colouring but more so temperament and interaction with people/families.

That old saying “you pay for what you get” is true when It comes to a Bengal Cat price. If a Bengal Cat is listed at a cheap price then the chances are that it’s not particularly from an experienced breeder with a clear bloodline.

Pure Breed Bengal Cats

A pure breed Bengal Cat is one that has both Dam & Sire (Mother & Father) from a pure heritage. Typically a Bengal Cat price will be more for a pure breed. You will often find this within cats that are breed for ‘showing’. This means generally they have a different temperament to that of other crossbreeds, some can be very alpha and bossy to other cats, some even aloof to some degree. Some can be to want of a better description damn right clumsy and fall off counter tops, misjudge distance and jumps.

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