Bengal Cat Snoozing

Bengal Cat Snoozing

When thinking of buying in a Bengal Cat there are some things to consider that will affect the cost. Finding the cheapest price for a Bengal Cat may involve going to an inexperienced or even an unethical breeder which is something you must always avoid for the health of your cat. That’s not to say you can not find a good Bengal Cat Price, just that there are factors to consider….

1. Breeding

Do you intend on breeding your Bengal Cat? If so your kitten will cost more. Some breeders may want you to pay the full asking price with the return of hundreds (depending on the bloodline) if you send them evidence that the kitten has been neutered and cannot be used for further breeder.

2. Vaccinations

Buying a pedigree cat will mean that prior to you taking your kitten home they will have all of the appropriate vaccinations. This is factored into the Bengal Cat Price though not the ultimate factor.

3. Ancestor Bloodline

The bloodline of your future pet will be one of the biggest cost factors with some of the show winners ranging into the thousands. If you are looking for a Bengal Cat that’s good around children and great to have around the house then you will probably not want be too bothered about showing then this will lower the cost.

4. Breeder reputation

Breeders that have a good reputation for breeder show winners and overall strong healthy litters will be able to charge slightly more than other breeders. It is still a good idea to visit a recommended breeder to see litters. Read here for Breeder guides

Do your research

From personal experience the first Bengal Cat we bought many years ago was via an online advert on a ‘pets for sale’ type site and not a dedicated Bengal Cat breeder. It was a great Bengal Cat price, only £150.

Though the breeder ticked all the boxes being registered having a well kept house, with good litters, though it was not until a few weeks after having the kitten that things became apparent. Firstly, when we were introduced to the litters ‘Mother’ who we we’re told was the family cat it was a little odd as the ‘family cat’ would go no where near the breeder choosing to hide until the kitchen table.

We found that the ‘Mother Cat’ was on the same pets for sale site being sold 2 weeks after we came home with our kitten. I was devastated seeing this wanting to buy her myself so she was not used like this again by another lying breeder.

Also after living with the kitten for a few weeks it was obvious that it had absolutely no social conditioning having hardly ever been handled by a human. This was evident by the constant clawing and attacking of hands. Honestly, my hand looked like they had been attacked by freddy kruger.

In time the kitten turned into one of the most affectionate loving Bengal Cats I’ve ever seen though careful handling and reassurance. We suspect that she was also closer to being Farrell than the seller let on in the attempt to ‘make a sale’ as she put it.

A good breeder will not sell a Bengal Kitten until they are sure it is going to a loving home, so if they’re willing to take money asap then you need to be concerned.

Bengal Cat Price

When in comes to getting the right Bengal Cat Price for your family its always worth contacting a local registered reputable breeder and building a relationship and asking to visit to see litters. This will give you the opportunity to see the environment that the cats are born into and see how they interact with other siblings or pets and humans. An average cost for a Bengal kitten is anywhere between £250 to £500 for kitten that will not be used for breeding and £750+ for those intended for breeding.

In my view you can not put a price on a relaxed playful Bengal Cat. Choose wisely and go with a breeder you ultimately trust if may cost a little more. You will be happy in the long run.

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