Its time to collect your The big day has arrived and you get to bring the new addition to your family home but before you do you need to make sure your house is kitten proofed and prepared for your new Bengal Kitten?

Maybe you’ve had a Bengal Kitten before or this is your first? well let me tell you you will be in for a treat! however, with all the excitement and anticipation Its easy to underestimate how active Bengal kittens are compared to other kittens. They are unique creatures that take a little more getting used to than the average household cat so being well prepare is essential. This article outlines the key things that you will need to things you will need to do in preparation.

We we got our first Bengal kitten our family was so excited and went out and bought a kitten litter tray – our bengal kitten towered over the tray and every time he walked into it the tray flipped up throwing the contents all over the floor. We hadn’t imagine how big our kitten would be, it was like a fully grown cat. It was a short lived tray and replaced with a extra large cat tray.

Essentials things for your Bengal Kitten

A Hiding place

Chances are this will be the first time your kitten has been away from siblings and been alone. It is therefore a good idea to get a small box and cut holes just big enough for your bengal kitten and put it upside down so they have a place to be alone and feel safe, also so that no other pets and children you may have are able to get access to them. At this stage your new little buddy won’t know that your home is a safe place, it will just be  big and full of strange scents. Put a towel down on the floor so it can sit comfortably and build up confidence. Remember even the most confident adult cat still wants to be by itself at times and will look for a place for refuge. Remember to keep your Bengal Cat safe also.

Litter tray and scoop

By the time you come to collect your Bengal Kitten they will have been trained to use the littler tray almost as if they were a grown up cat. You can get a small litter tray that allows the kitten to climb in when they need to go. The height is around 1.5 to 2 inches. You can get scoop and tray as a pack which as fairly cheap. You may pay more is you what a particular colour.

Cat Litter

You may need to go through various types and brands of cat littler to find one that your kitten is comfortable with. It is a good idea to try and start off by using the same type of material (clay particles, wood chip etc) that your kitten would have used when learning to use a litter tray so if you don’t know what type it was or forgot to ask it maybe worth contacting the breeder to find out.

There are many different brands and types of cat littler material today, some have offer clumping (fluid clumps together) and some offer deodorant making the litter tray smell fresher. Different options can be explored once your Bengal kitten has become comfortable his their new home and over time you will find one that you both like.

Food & Water Bowls

There are many different types of bowls available for pets today in various materials. The best bowls to get are stainless steel. They are the most hygienic and unlike ceramic and plastic will not degenerate with wear and tear over time. They can be washed in the dishwasher will with stand high temperature washing and as a material a standard used in the medical profession.

Bedding & Sleeping

You can spend money and buy a really nice basket, though a solution to start with is to put an old jumper or sweat shirt in a small box for your Bengal Kitten. This will allow it to pick up new scents from its owner and help them ease in to the new safe home, also the size of your kitten now will not be the same in a years time. By the time your Bengal kitten comes home with you they will have had all appropriate inoculations and will be of an age that they are quite independent and will not wake crying. However if this does occur, you can offer comfort by using a hot water bottle so that you kitten feels body heat. They maybe independent but they may still sleep together for warmth and comfort.

Cat tree

Ok so you might be thinking a cat tree isn’t really necessary right away? you need to remember that Bengal kittens are far more closer to a big cat than your average house cat so as a result they will be alot more playful. Having a space for them which is just theirs will help them feel more at home, plus they will absolutely love it. As they love being higher up.

Scratch Post

Bengals ideally love to claw soft bark of a tree, really dig their claws in and have a good stretch. As most people won’t have a soft barked tree in their house its worth investing in a good sturdy scratch post. Height wise you want to get one about 18 inches allowing them to stand on their hide legs which they like to do sometimes. Material wise carpet based trees will stand to clawing mores than rope based ones as they tend to get tatty but ultimately anything that allows your bengal kitten remove old claws without using your furniture.

Grooming kit

Allowing your Bengal Kitten to be handled by humans is very important as such a good way to encourage this will be a buying a small grooming kit with a brush, comb, clippers and dedicating time to pamper them and ensure that their fur is free from fleas. Now don’t think by doing this you’ll end up with an overly pamper pet, it just means that they will not mind being picked up and ultimately associate handling as a pleasant experience. Grooming your kitten will take patience and perseverance but you will eventually have a well natured Bengal Cat.

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