What comes to mind when you read that headline? do you think I’d love a Bengal Kitten but I just can’t afford one, or perhaps you have concerns with the Bengal temperament and how it will become a member of your family mingling with children and other Pets. Below are some key points that you should always consider when you see the bengal kittens for sale sign.

1. Research the Breeder

So you’ve decided that you want a Bengal Kitten! the first essential thing to do is find a breeder that is registered with a governing body such as GCCF or TICA. This means that the breeder will conform to measurable breeding regulations.

Buying your Bengal kitten from a good registered breeder will ensure that he or she will be delivered to you with the appropriate paper work. heres what you should expect to receive:

  • A document that will show the heritage line of the pedigree – this should show four generations of ancestry
  • A certificate from a breeding registration body
  • A record of vaccinations from a registered Vet
  • A contract of ownership
  • A receipt of payment

The contract that states the terms of buying the a Bengal Kitten so that there is a legal documentation between the new owner and the breeder. You should not be alarmed with this and bare in mind that breeders are producing kittens as a business and like any professional practice need to ensure that they are covered should particular incidents arise…”you said this kitten will have more black in its fur I demand a refund” type of thing.

You may not receive all of the paper work at the same time. For instance some breeders will hold off on supplying the registration papers until they receive proof from a Vet that the kitten has been neutered. This insures that no further breeding in the pedigree line can be done. If you are wanting to breed your cat then this is something you will need to discuss with the breeder and will greatly affect the price of the bengal kitten.

Whilst you will be scrutinising the breeder thinking ‘Im just not sure with giving them my money’ you can be sure that the breeder will be assessing you by asking key questions as they want to be sure the little creature they helped bring into the world will be taken care of by the new owner. It is worth mentioning that despite being a registered breeder there are both good and bad breeders. Bad breeders are not interested in the welfare of the animal just ‘making a sale’, so be cautious when you see that Bengal Kittens for Sale sign and make sure you find a breeder that you are happy with.

2. The kittens

When you go to view a new litter you should expect to see a clean private area where the cats are kept. If the they are breeding multiple cats then each cat should be kept in separate areas. Depending on when you get to visit the a new litter you may be able to see the kittens interacted with the mother and with each other, this will be helpful to see the temperament.

3. Meet the Kittens Parents

By meeting the parents, that is to two cats that created your new potential Bengal kitten it will give you a chance to see how social they are towards humans and a good indication of what to expect with your Kitten. The breeder will usually keep the mother and kittens in the house and the stud is kept in a cage outside. Depending on how in a cage then goes outside and brings in a very feral undomesticated stud on a lead, there is a good chance that the kitten will be somewhat feral itself. This doesn’t mean that i won’t want to be around humans at all it just simply means if will have a bit more of a wild streak.

Most good breeders will want to show both parent cats, so if you find yourself having to ask or even pester to see them then be cautious this may not be a wise breeder to go with.

4. Register with the Vet

So the money has changed hands and the deed is done…you are now the proud parents of a little pedigree bundle of fur with claws, ears and a tail. Upon arrival of your new Bengal Kitten its a good idea to make a visit to the Vet. This is a good opportunity to become registered with a Vet as just incase you’ll need a Vet when you don’t have one. For peace of mind you can get a check up just to make sure that every thing is ok with your kitten, also you can get your kitten micro chipped if they have not already had one.

5. Kitten proof your home

Bengals are know for their amounts of high energy so Its a good idea to be prepared and walk around your place and make sure that it will be a safe and secure environment for your little one.  You may not realise but everyday things like chocolate, flowers (lilies) are poisonous to cats so you may have to move things around a little to accommodate for them.

When you have decided on a Bengal whether is was as a result of that Bengal kittens for sale advert or just being curious about the breed the aim is that you want to have a Bengal Kitten that has come from a reputable breeder that has a genuine care for the welfare of their animals and one that is happy to offer supportive honest advice after the sale.

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