A Complete Insight on Bengal Cat Size

Do you own a Bengal cat and are looking out for a complete insight on their size? Well, Bengal cats are not only adorable creatures, but they are also slightly fierce and temperamental. In case you’re wondering about the Bengal cat size, here’s a complete scoop on the features, size and the determinants of the size of these cats.

How did Bengal cats first come to be?

Bengal cats are one of the oldest generations of cats. They are said to be a hybrid of the domestic cat and the Asian Leopard cat. According to reports, these cats have been developed by a large number of people, including Jean Sugden Mill, who wished to harness the beauty of the wild cat which still had the temperament of a domestic cat. The procedure was initiated during the 70s to the 80s. On proper, consistent and careful breeding, this aim has been achieved and Bengal cats have come to be evolved.

What is the average size of the Bengal cat?

The Bengal cats are pretty large in their size. While the males on an average, weigh between 4.5-6.8 kgs, the females weigh around 3.6 to 5.4 kgs. There are cats that are indeed bigger and smaller than the given sizes, so you needn’t get worked up if your Bengal cat size doesn’t sync with the figures.

The exact size of the Bengal cat will depend on their varying family lines. The cats from different origins come with different sizes. Although some cats turn out to be slightly bigger because of their musculature, there are other cats too who do not get bigger than any domestic cat. No two cats might turn out to have the same size. The size varies according to the varying ancestry of these cats. However, in most cases, the cats adhere by the given average size.

What are the factors that contribute to the Bengal cat size?

The Bengal cat, bred from the Asian Leopard cat, is a small jungle cat that weighs approximately around 10 to 15 pounds. These cats have been bred for generations to come up with this size. This size of the Asian leopard cat has helped in deciphering the final size of the Bengal cat. However, the size of the Bengal cat might vary according to the ones that were bred with the Asian leopard cat.

Apart from that, several other cats were also been involved in the process of breeding. Among them, some include ocicats and the Egyptian mau. Both these cats have an average weight ranging between 12 to 13 pounds. The ones that have been bred via the Abyssinians and the Bombays have an average weight of 10 pounds, respectively. Finally, your Bengal cat can also breed the British Shorthairs that come with an average weight of 15 pounds. However, this type of breeding is not all that easy and requires a lot of attention.

As the Bengal cat is a mixed breed of the Asian Leopard cat and any specific one or several one of the other cat breeds, it is therefore that an average Bengal cat that has a massive level of British Shorthair in his ancestry might turn out to be larger the conventional ones. Likewise, the Bengal cat that comes with a huge amount of Bombay cat in its ancestry is likely to be smaller in size. As per the given sizes of the breeds that contribute to Bengal Breed, it is indeed unlikely for a Bengal cat size to vary massively from the average range of six to fifteen pounds. Each of the cats has varying sizes depending on their varying lineage and ancestry that finally contribute to their original sizes.

Other Bengal Cat Features

The Bengal cats have a head which is quite small compared to the body. They also have small ears which reminds of the ancestry of their wild cats. The ears of the cats come like thumbprints which is a patch where the fur is comparatively short. There, the fur kind of looks like a thumb.  Irrespective of the Bengal cat size, they are slim and athletic. They have back legs that are comparatively longer than the front sections thereby giving them an arch while they stand in a specific position.

Is your Bengal Cat size bigger than the average?

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