You may be thinking about getting a new pet for your home and have heard about the Bengal Cat breed through friend or family member. Here we look at reasons to reasons to buy a Bengal Cat, the benefits and some things to be aware of before becoming an owner.

1. Bengal Cats are loyal

Bengal Cats are well known for their loyalty with humans. Their companionship can often be compared to one of a dog. They will play fetch with you, go for walks (that does require some training) and even chew things you don’t want them too.

2. Bengal Cats are Intelligent

To say that Bengal Cats are intelligent is an understatement. I heard of one Bengal meowing at the living room door, when the owner (who was eating pizza) got up and went to the door to let them out the Cat ran back in the room and started eating the pizza. This kind of mischief is not only intelligent, its is also calculated.

3. Bengal Cats are loving

The common household Cat is often associated as being a very loving creature. So just because Bengal Cats are closer to wild ancestors it doesn’t mean that they don’t still have the same qualities for comfort and nurturing.

I remember when my son was 8 months old my Bengal girl would wake up from her sleeping on the sofa whenever he cried and rush over to him. I would instinctively jump up and get in between the baby and the cat fearing she would attack him. On one occasion I was unable to do it and watched as my Bengal Cat rushed over and started brushing her head on the baby to comfort him when he was crying. It was her maternal side showing concern.

4. Bengal Cats are playful

You will be kept entertained with the constant playful nature of a Bengal Cat. They will pretty much find a game in anything, from chewing a cardboard box though to running off with socks and pencils and pretty much anything else they take a fancy too.

5. Bengal Cats talk 

If you’ve ever owned a noisy animal, you may relate to how noisy they can be when they want some attention. Bengal Cats are well known for talking to their owners. From a simple request for some affection through to shouting at you when thy want some food, you’ll learn to listen to their Bengal language.

5 Reasons you should buy a Bengal Cat

There you have it. 5 reasons why if you are thinking about buying a Cat you should consider a Bengal Cat into your life.

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