If you’ve never owned a Bengal Cat and have only seen them in you tube videos or on TV you may be wondering exactly what kind of personality a Bengal Cat has. Of course like humans, animals are unique. Each is different with their own likes and Dislikes. After owning Bengal Cats for many years I would put the description down as simply…they are dogs in a cats body. Yes, you have read that right. If you can imagine how much of a companion a dog is you will find this in a Bengal Cat personality:

  • Playful
  • Affectionate
  • Obedient
  • Hungry

Playful personality

To say Bengal Cats love to play is an understatement. When they are not sleeping they will be wanting to play fetch or play hunting and get very excited with it. When it comes to playing fetch throwing something simple like a pencil is enough for them to be completely lost in their own little game and spend hours to the point of having to lay down in the middle of the game for a rest. This Bengal Cat personality reminded me of a dog I had growing up and perhaps why I am so intent on drawing the analogy between the two. Having said that the ability to jump on tops of doors and kitchen cupboards with relative ease is where the similarities end.

Affectionate personality

The bond between a pet and its owner is a personal one, you can see affectionate traits that come through, some born out of a genuine being pleased to see you, and those that are born out of the instinct (wanting to be feed). The Bengal cat personality is quite divided when It comes to affection. This can be contributed to heritage of the breed line, or handling and how well they have been introduced to being around humans. It still is possible if you have a very feral Bengal Cat kitten for it to become and much more placid as it grows with you and your family and learns to become more trusting of its surroundings.

Obedient personality

If you have owned a dog, you will be used to a certain amount of companionship in that they often respond to your voice and can understand to a certain degree the message that you are trying to tell them. This same trait can be seen in the Bengal Cat personality. They will often have proper conversations with you and respond when called, in some cases come running.

Hungry personality

Bengal Cats love their food. Often caught trying to break in to or open food cupboards, they are ever diligent shifty little thieves. Once one of our Bengals stole a rib out of the rubbish bin and when approached to have it taken off her started to growl like a dog and tried to hide it. As she’s a good nature cat taking the food from her was not an issue, her instinct for food just came through.

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