You may have arrived here reading this as you are experiencing that all too familiar smell of Bengal Cat pee around the house. Not only do you have the stress of not trusting your Bengal when they’re not in your sight you have the added worry of damaging furniture or possible health risks of cat urine around small children. It can become a stressful time in a Bengal Cat owner’s life figuring out how to stop a Bengal Cat spraying.

Its worth remembering that Bengal Cats have a blood line that is close to wild Cat ancestors and are unique animals that may show behavioral habits that a normal domestic cat will not.

Below are guides with ways to help how to stop a Bengal Cat spraying (scent marking) and peeing from your Bengal Cat and understand why they are choosing to do it.

1. Take your Bengal Cat to a Vet

This is essential as your Vet will check for any urinary track infections that may be cause discomfort and the urge to pee. They can also provide a method for taking a sample of urine if you are unable to. The Vet may suggest tweaks to your cat’s diet and drinking water and other possible solutions how to stop a Bengal Cat spraying.

2. Neutering

Bengal Cats that are not yet neutered are likely to pee when and where ever they need to. You need to visit a Vet to discuss this.

3. Stress

Some Bengal Cats do suffer from stress and anxiety. This can be caused by a number of different situations within the house hold such as children other pets, strange scents etc. There are some products to relieve stress available such as Rescue Remedy (add few drops can to food which relax your cat).

4. Marking Territory

Do you have other cats or pets? or do you have furniture that maybe belonged to a former pet owner? Bengal Cats will mark any unfamiliar scent with their own as a mark of territory ownership. You may even find your cat may pee on the mail.

5. Scent marking

This is very common and is a sign of territoriality as they mark places they feel safe and important to remember that when dealing with scent marking that most household cleaning products though may seem to remove the scent and appearance of cat pee will not do so for a cat. They can still smell that ‘lovely place’ I had a pee. There are specialist products available such as Urine Off which specifically designed to remove scent and a much used product by many pet owners not only Bengal Cat owners.

Common areas for scent marking are; Washing baskets, Beds, Sofas, Curtains, towels, pet bedding, Sink & baths. If you’re thinking but why sinks? most places are desirable fabric textured but a sink would be the last place you’d think they’d go! remember Bengal Cats are closer to big cat ancestors so they will do some things they’d do in the wild like peeing in a stream or creek so that there scent is not tracked. Smart creatures after all.

The one point that all owners must be aware of is never shout or try to forcefully discipline your Bengal Cat for peeing in the wrong place. This will only cause your little friend to not trust you and be scared of you. They are only going to toilet where it instinctive for them and must never be punished as they will not understand what they are doing wrong. Getting angry at you Bengal Cat after they have pee’d will only cause them to be stressed.


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